session details, tips, and answers


Now that your session date is confirmed (YAY!),  you should start planning for it. Start deciding on a desired color scheme and which outfits make you happy. When your outfits are YOU and comfortable, your photos will feel more authentic.

step 01: start planning

Session day can be stressful and exciting, but I promise there is nothing to be nervous about! All I ask is that you come prepared, stay open-minded, and trust that I will take care of the rest!

step 02: Session day

Once I have finished editing all of your photos, I will send you a  link to your portrait gallery. From this portal, you can purchase, share and download your keepsake photos.

step 03: Gallery Delivery

Digital images are great, but what's even better is seeing your images come to life. Through your gallery, you will have the opportunity to order several fun options from my professional labs. Some favorites that clients like to showcase are custom albums, metal and canvas wall art as well as framed prints.

step 04: Order album

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the process



bring chapstick and any fun accessories you'd like to include in your shoot

confirm your session's payment

choose your outfits

get excited!

prepare for your session by fulfilling each of these items:

session checklist


let me take care of the rest!

relax, have fun, and just be you

You've made it to session day! As you approach your session, keep in mind these 2 things:



YES! I love 4-leggers; please bring them.  I will bring a water dish and a squeaky toy to help us out :)

06. can i bring my dog/dogs?

Fully edited galleries will be delivered within three weeks of shoot date.

05. how long will it take to view my gallery?

Heck yes, you can! If it means something to you, please bring it. Anything from instruments, jerseys, artist supplies to sporting goods is ideal.

04. can i bring props/sporting equipment?

Absolutely! You are not alone in this. I will be there every step of the way and help to bring out your inner supermodel. Yes, we all have it in us. Promise! 

03. will you guide me throughout the process?

Most sessions are right about an hour. Sometimes a little less and sometimes a little more, but I find that timeframe yields the best results.

02. how long does a session last?

There's really no wrong answer here. I've had some bring one and others up to eight. I think that 2-3 is the sweet spot though. 

01. How many outfits should I bring?

Have a question? I've got an answer! And if you don't see your question here, please reach out via email:



wall art

canvas - Metal - Acrylic - Fine Art

There's nothing better than having real live prints and art work on your walls.

Several fun options offered through your gallery. Reach out with any questions you may have.